History and Background

Founded in 2009, Sorani Capital LLC provides asset management and professional services to investors and owners. The firm’s portfolio in the U.S. and India currently exceeds $500 million of assets under management (including client mandates and principal investments). A Sorani affiliate is a certified MBE in New York State and New York City.

Our Philosophy

Sorani’s investment philosophy is built upon three primary pillars: (i) value-oriented acquisitions structured with attractive pricing and mitigated downside risks, (ii) conservative leverage to ensure an appropriate margin of safety for each investment, and (iii) activist value-added approach to asset management and development execution.

Current Investment Strategies

• United States: (i) multi-family and residential acquisitions for long-term hold that provide inflation protection and current yield, (ii) affordable housing development and rehabilitation (including equity joint ventures, preferred equity positions and the provision of mezzanine loan financing), (iii) medical office investments (value add or core plus) in Tier I markets, and (iv) private equity and venture capital investments in select operating platforms and vehicles (affordable housing, medical office, green energy & renewables, emerging VC funds, etc.)
• India: (i) real estate development projects in Tier I cities, particularly for-sale residential assets that benefit from India’s growing middle-class and strong demographics, and (ii) provision of venture capital, private equity, consulting & advisory services to micro-finance, micro-credit, mortgage brokers/bankers and renewable energy platforms and companies